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How to Enjoy A Day At Disneyland – Saving Time At The Park

Southern California abounds with superior vacation attractions for the entire family. In particular, Disneyland in Anaheim indubitably constitutes one of the best family-oriented vacation destinations in the world. For the vacationing family striving to pack as much fun as possible … Continue reading

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A Day in Silicon Valley with My Kids

First of all, Silicon Valley is huge, which created quite a culture shock for my family, but the kids absolutely loved this road trip. To save money, we chose to drive rather than fly out, and enjoyed snacking on homemade … Continue reading

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Afternoon Tea San Diego Summer 2012

Afternoon tea is a tradition in the UK. Although the discovery of tea was in China, it has become a popular beverage in all across the world. In this day and age, tea is not just a beverage; it is … Continue reading

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Is Summer Camp Good For Your Children?

Many parents send their kids to summer camps where they can swim, play sports, tell stories by the campfire and play with other kids their age. A summer camp, however, can do much more for your kid than just help … Continue reading

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Las Vegas Hotel Industry Economy for 2012 ” NO LAS VEGAS IS NOT DEAD “

LAS VEGAS IS NOT DEAD:  Thanks to “Tiesto” Las Vegas, Nevada, tourism it back up to where it should be with the increase of jobs, tourists from around the world, residents, and companies building new businesses is all great news … Continue reading

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Music That Makes You Feel

With all the stress that today’s daily life offers it’s nice to know that something so easily accessible as music offers relaxation. They say music soothes the savage beast. Well, I haven’t run into any savage beast in my lifetime … Continue reading

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