Afternoon Tea San Diego Summer 2012

Afternoon tea is a tradition in the UK. Although the discovery of tea was in China, it has become a popular beverage in all across the world. In this day and age, tea is not just a beverage; it is one of the healthiest and flavorful drinks in the world. Furthermore, the variety of tea includes many choices starting from the simple white tea to the flavorful fruit and Oolong tea varieties. In the past few years, the popularity of tea has also increased in the USA. Thus, a large number of tea rooms have opened all across the country including the vibrant city of San Diego. The city has been able to get accustomed with this long-lasting trend of afternoon tea. From the special afternoon tea at the Grand Del Mar to the famous chef Pascal’s Savory Casual fare, the city of San Diego presents some one-of-a-kind spots for you to enjoy some delicious tea.

Discover the casual yet sophisticated venue of Savory Casual Fare of the renowned chef Pascal. The cozy setting of this bistro is known for its so called casual fare, but with a completely intercontinental vibe. Visit this quaint bistro setting in San Diego to explore some of the specialties of Chef Pascal as his unique Vignau’s menu showcases some splendid varieties of rustic European delicacies with a touch of California’s flavor. Try their wide variety of traditional afternoon tea accompanied by an elegant array of fine food including Chef Pascal’s renowned homemade rose petal jam and lemon curd.

If you want to treat your loved one with a special afternoon tea at an elegant venue, then think no further than the Westgate Hotel. This astounding luxurious hotel is a perfect setting to enjoy some afternoon tea within a cozy European charming setting. The dining venue, featuring breathtaking decors including those classic antiques and Victorian-style interiors, offers a perfect setting for you to enjoy a cup of tea with some delectable gourmet delights.

Bring your loved ones for a respite from the ordinary routine and enjoy some relaxing time at the Grand Del Mar’s elegant resort library with an afternoon tea. Choose from the wide selection of special black, white or green tea to savor with some house-special treats within this breathtaking setting featuring beautiful music. You will find numerous flavors of tea including those mild flower, herb, and fruit infused blends. No matter what flavor you like, the choices of tea at the Grand Del Mar’s are literally limitless.

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