Las Vegas Hotel Industry Economy for 2012 ” NO LAS VEGAS IS NOT DEAD “

LAS VEGAS IS NOT DEAD:  Thanks to “Tiesto”

Las Vegas, Nevada, tourism it back up to where it should be with the increase of jobs, tourists from around the world, residents, and companies building new businesses is all great news for Las Vegas.

Some believed that with the economy, LV would not be able to hold their stance of continuous tourists and businesses. This proven untrue as Vegas did also face the problems of the economy; however, they never stopped and continued to build more Casinos and Hotels. Sure, the economy took a toll on many  several states and cities, however, Las Vegas is booming again. In fact, the world-renowned Tony Hsieh whom is the CEO of Zappos has intensely become involved with building more in downtown Vegas.

Watch Tiesto 2012 Residency at Wynn Las Vegas

Thirty-eight year old Tony Hsieh not only became interested in the “Sin City”, he also has become invested in the downtown area. Additionally, Mr. Hsieh is moving his company to Las Vegas. Although, Tony is worth almost four-hundred-million, he has decided to take a large amount of that for the new transformations and companies to be built downtown. This alone almost guaranteed that the economy was only getting better each day.

Las Vegas is often mistaken just for the casinos. However, there is so much more than casinos. For instance, the courts stay open twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week to get marriage licenses, as this is yet another big investment made while visiting Vegas. The average number of marriages in one day is over three-hundred and fifteen weddings a day in Las Vegas. Gambling may be the main reason but the second largest industry is to be married. LV considered the Marriage Capital of the World.

As mentioned above for the tourists they are there under the belief to gamble and or to be married, but many tourists do not stop to think of the industries that keep up Las Vegas.

Additionally, the studies from the UNLV Center for Business and Economic Research (College of Business) shows that the current economic outlook states that from the year of 2009 to current; the strength in economy is moving strongly and that the economic growth shows in the tourism, hospitality, and gaming sectors.

Indicators showing that there is an upswing in hospitality, gaming, marriages, and real estate, it is in an upswing with more jobs, new construction, and with new construction brings new tourists from around the world. Further studies shows that there are many young adults whom are old enough to enter the casino’s that will travel to the “Sin City” regularly from Los Angeles and San Diego. The distance is close and the new adults are not only excited to go but ready as well. This includes not only the summer months, but also throughout the year, making sure not to forget about Spring Break when the streets of Las Vegas are busy as are the casino’s, hotels, and any hospitality business.

Where to Stay without breaking the bank: 

  • Nellis Suites at Main Gate hotel with room rates start at $69 per night
  • Hampton Inn & Suites Las Vegas Airport with room rates start at $81 per night

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