Music That Makes You Feel

With all the stress that today’s daily life offers it’s nice to know that something so easily accessible as music offers relaxation. They say music soothes the savage beast. Well, I haven’t run into any savage beast in my lifetime but I have been compared to them after a particularly hard day at the office. I can honestly say that turning on the radio and listening to soft music has a calming effect.

What’s more interesting is that most of the music that has this effect seems to have afemale composer. Relaxing music can be compared to a fine wine or a perfect receipe it can’t be rushed. Relaxing musicand healing music is found deliberately. It has been my experience that female singer songwriters tend to compose music with a message of love and peace.

They may even be known for their songs of heartbreak but the message behind the lyrics still deliver a soothing message. The next time you find yourself in a music store or at a library notice the songs that have female singer songwriters or a female composer. Listen to a sample or if you are familiar with the song take a moment and think how the music makes you feel. Even better answer the question does the music make you feel? If you can honestly say that the music makes you feel or makes you think or makes you remember then you can label the musicrelaxing music or healing music.

Honestly, I don’t think female singer songwriters and a female composer sits down with the goal of producing or performing relaxing or healing music. I honestly believe that music is composed and inspired from the nature of it’s author. The music comes from deep within their hearts and souls.

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2 Responses to Music That Makes You Feel

  1. I am so with you when it comes to listening to beautiful, gentle and relaxing music. My favourite genre is indie/folk singer-songwriters and while many of them are women, I think men have got it waxes too:).
    I’m a musician and here is a video of me playing one of my newer songs, a song about being from a village, and about being proud of being Home (which is the name of the song)

  2. MUSIC MIXING says:

    Sometimes I wonder if I’m the only person in LA that still listens to good music.
    Award Winning Mixing Engineer

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